Federally recognized in 2019, UniDistance has been Switzerland’s leader in distance learning for nearly 30 years. The institution employs more than 400 people, of which nearly 350 work in teaching.

In Brig (canton of Valais), where the University has its headquarters, UniDistance now shares a new building with the Haute école spécialisée à distance Suisse (HESD, or distant learning University of Applied Sciences in English). The new building will provide nearly 180 workplaces for academic and administrative staff and will be able to accommodate up to 2,300 students.

The building includes a fully modular auditorium that can accommodate up to 100 people, a cafeteria and three classrooms. It is also the seat of the UNESCO Chair in Personalized and Adaptive Distance Education of the HESD. In addition, it houses the research laboratories of the two institutions.

The new campus is characterized by its transparency and openness. It offers a flexible space for innovation and collaboration in research and teaching. The classrooms are equipped with the latest digital technologies and can be used for hybrid courses or meetings, which participants can attend both online and in person.

Additionally, both institutions offer a wide range of services to schools, universities and companies, not only in their respective fields of education, but also in the field of e-learning.