Do business and innovate with Economic Promotion Valais.
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The Canton of Valais: a place to innovate.

Do business and innovate with Economic Promotion Valais.

All about doing business in Valais

Economic Promotion Valais is the strategic partner for entrepreneurs who want to innovate, develop and invest in the fabric of the region’s economy. Our services are mainly aimed at: 


Valais-based start-ups Zizania Biobotanica, Qaptis, and Veintree are competing for the prestigious Venture award….
Since 1959, MULLER Technology has been developing customized and sustainable solutions to meet the challenges of Industry 4.0. …
The Idiap Research Institute, based in Martigny, is a world-renowned centre for artificial intelligence (AI)….


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Our partners

Economic Promotion Valais relies on six partners that offer specialised, complementary services. This means that you as an entrepreneur receive the right professional support.