The Valais economy — dynamic and diversified

Valais is home to a wide range of economic stakeholders who create added value every single day. The economy of Valais is made up of SMEs, international companies, start-ups, research and training centres and umbrella organisations, all of which together cover a very broad range of fields.


Industry in Valais is highly diversified. It generates around 21,000 jobs in the canton. Valais is home to prestigious companies such as Lonza, Syngenta, Constellium, Aproz and Scintilla. The service industry is well represented here: the Groupe Mutuel has its headquarters here, for instance. Other industries are also well represented in Valais, as it is home to top companies in the tourism industry (Téléverbier, CMA, Zermatt ski lifts, etc.) and the digitalisation industry (Groupe T2i, Silicom Group, etc.). These industries are partners in innovation and drivers of the Valais economy. Other industries that are well represented in Valais include agribusiness, automotive and aeronautics, wellness and cosmetics, cleantech, IT and software development, energy, machinery, mechanical and precision engineering, microtechnology, pharma, chemicals and biotechnology, health and medtech.

PME et start-up

Outside of the large industries, the majority of the Valais economy is made up of SMEs with less than 50 employees. The canton therefore has unique expertise in all areas of the economy. Producing everything from industrial knitting machines (Steiger Participations) to coffee machines (Eversys), biotechnologies (Excellgene), spirits (Morand) and cancer medications (Debiopharm), Valais is full of companies that offer the innovative entrepreneur a wealth of opportunities to create synergies. 

These SMEs are complemented by start-ups, notably technological start-ups. There are currently many start-ups in development in Valais, such as DePoly (winner of the Venture Prize), Travelise, Faction Skis, Zizania Biobotanica, EyeWare Tech and many more. Almost thirty technology start-ups are born in Valais every year. 

« We are delighted to see the development of the regional development programme valais4you in French-speaking Valais, with the support of Economic Promotion Valais. Together with its counterpart in Upper Valais, it represents one of the key building blocks in the growth of the technology sector in Valais.

François Foglia