The Canton of Valais in figures

Valais is an ideal place for companies and entrepreneurs to set up shop. Nestled in a beautiful natural landscape and connected by an excellent transport infrastructure, the canton is within easy reach of major European airports. Here, business, academic and political stakeholders have established synergies that foster dynamism and innovation. Read on to discover some of the key figures that make Valais such an enticing region.

A strategic location

days of sunshine per year

Bilingual French

Entrepreneurial Valais

in terms of where the top 100 start-ups in Switzerland are located
0 th
among Swiss cantons in terms of the creation of new businesses
0 e
in Switzerland for aluminium research and production
0 st

Industry and innovation

of the value created in the canton comes from industry
0 %
jobs in 1,800 companies
out of every 2 is
earned from exports
of Swiss hydroelectric production comes from Valais
0 %

Life sciences

of the largest Swiss pharmaceutical companies have a production site in Valais
most important canton in Switzerland for life sciences
0 nd
of Swiss medicinal plants are produced in Valais
0 %

« The funding provided by the Centre de Cautionnement et de Financement SA (CCF) [Centre of Sureties and Finance], a financial partner of Economic Promotion Valais, was crucial for the launch of Stenheim. »

Jean-Pascal Panchard