Specialist, complementary skills and expertise

Economic Promotion Valais relies on six partners that offer specialised, complementary services. This means that you as an entrepreneur receive the right professional support. Whether you need help with financing, innovation, business management, setting up a business or exports: Economic Promotion Valais team can support you. Learn more about our partners and their specialist teams below.

You can contact one of the following partners directly with any queries, or you can get in touch with Economic Promotion Valais contact centre.

Internal partners

Office of Economy, Tourism and Innovation (SETI)

The Office of Economy, Tourism and Innovation supports existing Valais companies, as well as companies that want to set up in Valais, start-ups and institutions. 

It develops concepts and strategies for sustainable economic development and for promoting innovation. SETI establishes favourable conditions for development and coordinates actions with various economic stakeholders.


CimArk specialises in innovation, new technologies and digitalisation. It offers services and advice for start-ups and SMEs. Entrepreneurs and companies looking to innovate in technology or business can benefit from the following services: 

  • Intellectual property and patent management
  • Technology transfer
  • Market analysis, technical feasibility analysis, and assistance in creating a business plan
  • Support with the digitalisation process and with the search for funding
  • Access to networks of specialists (legal, marketing, etc.)
  • Assistance with developing efficiency in processes / organisation and business strategy (business innovation)

Centre de Cautionnement et de Financement (CCF)

The Centre de Cautionnement et de Financement (CCF) [Centre of Sureties and Finance] specialises in financial assistance and provides sound advice to companies in Valais to help them during the start-up, development or restructuring phase, or in the context of financial assessments. It also assists with the financial arrangements for projects that it recognises as key for the future.

Specific services provided by the CCF: 

  • Direct loans, provided through the management of several state and/or private funds
  • Cantonal sureties that facilitate the granting of bank loans or leases
  • Subsidy schemes (interest payments and co-financing) to improve competitiveness
  • Seed money for start-ups and matchmaking with investors 

Regions- und Wirtschaftszentrum Oberwallis

The Regions- und Wirtschaftszentrum Oberwallis (RW Oberwallis) [The Upper Valais Regional Economic Centre] is committed to making Upper Valais an attractive place to do business and a pleasant place to live.

Its aim is to be a hub for regional interests, make the most of the region’s potential and increase value creation in the region. RW Oberwallis supports innovation, initiates partnerships and promotes knowledge transfer. The RW Oberwallis team focuses on initiatives, projects and programmes that strengthen the competitiveness of the Upper Valais region.

Antenne Région Valais romand (Antenne)

Antenne Région Valais romand (Antenne) is a regional development centre that serves the municipalities and regional stakeholders of Valais in Romandy (the French-speaking part of Switzerland). Active in the fields of land development, agglomeration policy, tourism and culture (heritage), Antenne offers project management and coordination services, support in applying for financial support, and networking and strategic monitoring services.

Its services are structured in line with four objectives:

  • Promoting a coherent approach to land development
  • Enhancing the interconnectedness of agglomeration projects
  • Strengthening the value chain of tourism and culture in French-speaking Valais
  • Increasing the capacity of municipalities to carry out their tasks and initiate development projects of regional interest

Valais-Wallis Promotion

Valais/Wallis Promotion ensures that Valais is positioned and promoted across sectors as a leading brand on the national and international market. Its activities include the following:

  • Promoting a Valais economy that generates a high level of added value
  • Promoting awareness of Valais as a brand and strengthening the brand image
  • Making Valais an attractive prospect
  • Promoting and marketing the quality of all that Valais has to offer
  • Boosting business opportunities for Valais

External partners

Greater Geneva Bern Area (GGBa)

The Greater Geneva Bern area (GGBa) is the economic development agency for Western Switzerland, comprising the cantons of Bern, Fribourg, Vaud, Neuchâtel, Geneva and Valais. Its mission is to support foreign companies so that they can quickly establish themselves and expand their activities in Western Switzerland.

Key services: 

  • Promoting the region as a business location abroad
  • Monitoring of economic promotion on an international level
  • Targeted prospecting of companies

Switzerland Global Enterprise (SG-E)

Switzerland Global Enterprise promotes investment, helping companies to tap into new opportunities on the international level. 

Key services: 

  • Promotion of exports and promotion as a business location abroad
  • Market analysis
  • Advice on exporting (including legal advice)
  • Networking