An interactive blackboard made by a Valaisan SME is making a splash on the international scene.

An interactive blackboard made by a Valaisan SME is making a splash on the international scene.

Crédit photo : © Rhône FM

CX Print, an SME based in Chamoson, Valais, recently installed a touch-screen interactive blackboard at a major American university. They now plan to expand internationally, following an influx of orders. This wonderful story, which was brought to light by the Rhône FM radio station, is a great example of the dynamism and creativity of entrepreneurs in Valais.

The CX Print screen, which can be used like a traditional blackboard for writing with chalk, was installed at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in New York State, one of the top research universities in the US. CX Print is the only Swiss company with exclusive rights to market the screen in the USA. Shipping the screen posed several challenges for the company – a key challenge was finding a treated wood pallet that would meet US standards. Despite these hurdles, the screen arrived in pristine condition and works perfectly.

American universities are expressing interest

Christophe Bessero, founder and partner at CX Print, told Rhône FM that his company now wants to ship the next six pieces directly from Asia to the United States. Speaking to the radio station live, he said: “the idea is to make our brand and our expertise known over there. We have a contact person on the ground to help with this. Various universities in the New York region have already expressed an interest. It’s crazy!” He also added: 

“what we’re finding out is that if you do a good job, anything is possible. It’s been a real team effort because the initial contact was made through my business partner Laurent Cordaillat. I’m very proud to have taken a piece of Valais over to the US and I hope there will be much more of that to come in the future.”

70 sites interested

Six similar screens have been ordered by universities in the New York region. And this success story shows no signs of stopping there. In February, a screen will be installed for a European pharmaceutical group in Lyon. If the trial of this first screen is successful, this nifty product from Valais could be rolled out to over 70 of the group’s sites throughout Europe.

Since CX Print was founded, it has installed more than 1,500 screens in Switzerland. This new international expansion will boost the company’s growth.

Source and photo: Rhône FM

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