Botswana – the next market for Studer Innotec?

Botswana – the next market for Studer Innotec?

Studer Innotec, based in Sion, markets energy independence solutions. Its innovative systems can be connected to the grid or run independently, making them a highly interesting prospect throughout the globe. Recently, Loïc Viret, CEO, visited Botswana to form new connections and, potentially, tap a new market. These connections were facilitated by Switzerland Global Entreprise (S-GE). Interview.

“Since its inception, Studer Innotec has mainly focused on its work abroad, including in Africa. We are active in South Africa in particular, a country bordering Botswana. Botswana may be a highly favourable market for developing off-grid electric solutions, an area in which we have tried-and-tested expertise. Even if Botswana enjoys a generous amount of sunlight, its electric infrastructures far from cover all its needs”, Loïc Viret explains in an interview with S-GE. As such, Studer Innotec saw the visit of Swiss President Alain Berset, and many parallel meetings resulting from this trip, as an excellent opportunity to start reaching out to potential contacts in the African nation.

“Thanks to S-GE, I met various local entrepreneurs and potential partners, but also ambassadors and deans of universities across a variety of events, whether at a presidential dinner, business lunch or forum”, Loïc Viret recalls.

Collaboration with the Swiss Business Hub

“For a Swiss SME like ours, the ideal situation is that we meet trusted potential partners and build relationships with universities and local authorities accordingly. Now, unless you already have connections on the ground, exploring such a market is a Herculean task, which is why we started to work with S-GE and its foreign branch, the Swiss Business Hub Southern Africa. They are particularly well-placed and consequently able to open many doors in the region”.

Having effective and reliable local contacts is essential if you want to make the most of every minute. “A business can act independently if it already has a solid local network. If it doesn’t, it can nevertheless gain quick access to good contacts through S-GE, and thereby enjoy the credibility and legitimacy of an organisation working with the top Swiss authorities. The relationship we have with S-GE has greatly helped us to enter the American and Australian markets in particular”.

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