Financial aid for Valais-based companies

Financial aid for Valais-based companies

The Centre de Cautionnement et de Financement SA (CCF) supports companies in Valais with financial aid adapted to the life cycle of each company. Its services are varied : direct loans, guarantees and subsidies. It also intervenes in the tourism sector, in addition to existing aid, via the tourism fund and the tourist guarantee, as well as the cantonal fund for ski lifts. frater GMBH, Elitment SA and Steiger Participations SA have been supported by the CCF, a partner of Economic Promotion Valais, and testify.


frater-swiss develops and produces new devices and applications for out-of-hospital care, especially for hypothermic patients.

"As a young start-up company active in the field of medical device development, we were able to benefit from the support and financial assistance of the CCF at an early stage. This allowed us to patent our idea and thus increase our attractiveness to potential partners and investors. In the past, we have received professional guidance and really great support, so we would like to continue to cooperate with the CCF to advance research and development within the company and also to evaluate the possibility of opening a production site in Valais."

frater GMBH


Elitment has developed an online coaching application that allows the training plan of a sportsperson throughout his or her journey to adapt accordingly. It also allows for real-time analysis of the athlete’s progress.

"The CCF is an important partner in the economic fabric of Valais. Whether it is during the start-up or the different phases of development of a company, the Center listens and always seeks solutions in favor of the entrepreneur. Elitment SA has thus been able to benefit from various loans from the CCF in the context of the IT development of its platform, an analysis tool and performance gas pedal for its athletes, as well as co-financing that has enabled it to invest in a marketing force designed to accelerate the sale of its franchises."



Specialized in the manufacturing of industrial knitting machines, Steiger Participations has diversified. For example, during the Covid crisis, the company started to manufacture reusable masks.

"Steiger Participations SA, based in Vionnaz, is a manufacturer of flat knitting machines that has been in business for 70 years. Originally active only in apparel, thanks to its innovative mindset, it has become the world leader for industrial machines used in the medical sector. In 2019, it presented a machine dedicated to the technical knitting segment. It knits, in 3D, composite fibers such as carbon fiber used in the aeronautical field among others.

The COVID-19 crisis has hit the machine industry hard. When orders run out, decisions to reduce production activity are relatively easy to make. Steiger was forced by the market to reduce its production capacity. In order to maintain resources prior to exiting the crisis, tools such as RHT were used successfully. An entrepreneur has a much harder time determining whether he or she can continue to invest in innovation without jeopardizing finances. The temptation to limit overhead and leave the technical office at home is even greater.

Thanks to the support of the CCF, Steiger was able to keep its engineers working. They developed a new flat knitting machine for medical applications. The support of the CCF was key to the decision to maintain the innovation activity. This innovative machine was presented as a world premiere at a trade fair in Frankfurt last June. The CCF accompanies the companies throughout the duration of the project until the co-financing of international fairs. It is a pragmatic and efficient tool for the economic promotion of the canton of Valais. Thanks to the CCF, Steiger has emerged stronger from the crisis with a new product in its catalog."


Source: CCF’s  annual report/GGBa

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