Idiap’s 2024 nine-day AI Super Hackathon to transform ideas into prototypes

Idiap’s 2024 nine-day AI Super Hackathon to transform ideas into prototypes

From August 20 to 28, the Idiap Create Challenge will take place in Martigny. This event, organized by the Idiap research institute with the support of IdeArk and The Ark Foundation, is a hackathon on the theme of artificial intelligence (AI). It will offer nine intense days to transform ideas into prototypes, all accompanied by AI experts. Up to CHF 10,000 is up for grabs. Registration is open until May 1. You can register individually or as part of a team.

The Idiap Research Institute is gearing up for its 2024 edition of the International Create Challenge (ICC), a formidable nine-day AI Super Hackathon aimed at transforming visionary ideas into tangible prototypes. Set against the backdrop of one of the world’s most active research centers in AI and IT, this challenge invites participants to dive deep into the realm of Artificial Intelligence – a field recognized for its profound potential to address critical societal challenges, from healthcare innovations to environmental solutions.

Dubbed an AI Super Hackathon, the ICC distinguishes itself from traditional hackathons by offering an extended nine-day on-site development marathon. This format encourages participants to delve further and more profoundly into their projects, pushing the boundaries of AI application and innovation. The Idiap Research Institute provides a fertile ground for this endeavor, following its guiding principle: AI for Society.

Only the most compelling ideas will be chosen for this intensive challenge, where selected teams are promised not only an innovation-fostering environment but also a range of support resources. These include networking opportunities, office space, expert guidance from AI specialists, visibility, and reimbursement of living expenses – all within the inspirational setting of the Swiss Alps.

Catalyzing the journey from concept to prototype

The ICC 2024 aims to serve as a springboard for ideas, transforming them into working prototypes or demonstrators within the rapidly evolving field of AI. Throughout the nine days, participants will benefit from an unparalleled hackathon experience, gaining access to essential resources and expertise. This exceptional opportunity is designed to catalyze the journey from concept to prototype, offering not only attractive prizes but also invaluable advice and support from leading technology and AI experts.

By offering a platform to refine and present groundbreaking ideas, the ICC embodies the Idiap Research Institute’s commitment to harnessing Artificial Intelligence for the betterment of society. This year’s challenge promises to further solidify Idiap’s role at the forefront of AI research and development.

Source: Blog The Ark and GGBa

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