The BlueArk Challenge rewards two breakthrough technologies for advanced water management

The BlueArk Challenge rewards two breakthrough technologies for advanced water management

Organized jointly by BlueArk and the Ark Foundation, the BlueArk Challenge encourages innovative solutions to pressing water management issues. It continues to be a catalyst for innovation in water management, as demonstrated in its latest round where two cutting-edge projects each secured CHF 10,000 in funding.

For its 2024 edition, the BlueArk Challenge rewarded a new AI-driven decision support tool and an innovative infiltration box, both aimed at enhancing water management in challenging environments. These projects were developed by the IG group/RWB and WSP|BG respectively, showcasing novel approaches to maintaining water supply and managing rainwater in sloped terrains.

IG group and RWB Valais SA have developed I’Aquaspy, an AI-based module designed to help water network managers during crises, such as electrical shortages or pipeline failures. The module is engineered to simulate various incident scenarios and their impacts on the network, thus enabling more effective crisis management and preventive planning. This innovative tool aims to optimize network investments and improve decision-making in emergency situations.

On the other hand, WSP|BG Engineers SA introduced a compact, lightweight, and durable infiltration box that enhances water capture and drainage on sloped lands. The solution addresses additional complexities such as landslide risks and runoff in such terrains. Designed to be approximately 40 cm wide and one meter long, the box is well-suited for road shoulders, facilitating efficient water treatment and infiltration.

More sustainable and effective water management practices

Each winning project not only received financial support but will also benefit from expert collaboration and infrastructure provided by challenge sponsors including OIKEN and the VSA (the Swiss Association of Water Protection Professionals). This collaborative environment aims to refine and implement these innovations in real-world settings, particularly in Switzerland’s diverse landscapes which present unique challenges and opportunities for water management technologies.

The success of these projects underlines the BlueArk Challenge’s role in fostering practical and innovative solutions to enhance water resource management. With personalized coaching and professional support, these innovations are set to advance further, paving the way for more sustainable and effective water management practices.

Source: GGBa

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