The “made in Valais” election simulation platform FairElection awarded

The “made in Valais” election simulation platform FairElection awarded

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The FairElection web platform was awarded a bronze medal in the “Innovation” category at the prestigious Best of Swiss Web Awards 2022 ceremony.

FairElection is a creator of diversity for election processes. This free online tool is designed to support an election for parties, committees, unions or any other organization. It helps to clarify the most important representation criteria for the organization in question (e.g. gender, age, language or domicile).

FairElection was developed by digital innovation agency tokiwi SA, based in Martigny (canton of Valais). In a competition largely dominated by large Swiss-German agencies, the FairElection project is one of the only winners from Western Switzerland. It was financed by the association and the Mercator Foundation, and was sponsored by the ethix innovation ethics laboratory.

After being awarded the DINACON 2021 Digital Sustainability Award, FairElection is now winning yet another award in April 2022 with a bronze medal in the “Innovation” category at the Best of Swiss Web Awards 2022. This most prestigious Swiss web award honors the best achievements of the year among nearly 400 candidates.

A diversity generating tool

Built on an algorithm developed by the EPFL and based on linear programming, the platform offers a concrete and easy-to-use tool that guarantees the respect of both the selected representation criteria and the votes of the voters.

To experience the platform in a game-like fashion, FairElection’s simulation tool offers to re-enact the 2019 National Council election, applying a series of criteria such as age or gender to simulate which Federal Parliament would have been chosen.

Source: Press release of Tokiwi/Ethix

Credit photos: Best of Swiss Web and FairElection  

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