Why has Stämm set up in Valais?

Why has Stämm set up in Valais?

The Argentinian start-up Stämm Biotech has decided to move into the BioArk in Monthey. Working in partnership with the Greater Geneva Bern Area (GGBa), Economic Promotion Valais supported the company’s efforts to set up in Valais. We talk to Román Ortega Bianchi, Head of Business Development and Commercial Strategy.

Can you tell us about the company and what makes it stand out?

What we are trying to do at Stämm is comparable to what was happening in the IT sector 40 years ago.  In the past, a computer took up an entire room to carry out simple tasks. Now, we can hold it in the palm of our hand. Stämm is driving a similar change in the field of biotechnology. We are developing a new, continuous flow methodology to design biological products and cellular therapies, using 3D printing and micro-fluids. Our aim is to make the production of medicines and biological products accessible to all companies operating in the field. Our bioreactor makes these operations faster and less expensive.

Why have you chosen Valais to develop your business in Europe?

We made initial contact with the GGBa, which quickly understood our needs and put us in touch with Economic Promotion Valais and The Ark Foundation. Both partners supported us throughout the process. The industrial and economic know-how in the biotechnologies field in Valais Canton was an undeniable asset, making it an ideal location for continuing to innovate.

What are your next steps in Valais?

Stämm has already sent over an initial team to carry out the preliminary preparatory work. Back in Argentina, we are already planning to second a new team to Monthey in spring 2024. The aim will be to pursue the development of our (R&D) solution and make our first commercial moves in the European market. In the longer term, we plan to create several positions and hire local talent.

Stämm Biotech

What struck you most during your stay in Valais?

Coming from Buenos Aires, the differences in noise and the natural world were impressive! What particularly struck me and our teams was the sense of welcome and the professionalism of the people here.

How has Economic Promotion Valais helped you in your development project?

The GGBa and Economic Promotion Valais have supported us at every step, from putting us in contact with the BioArk and academics, to dealing with the administrative formalities around work permits and setting up the Swiss company. We were never alone. We received the kind of support that’s essential for setting up a business in a foreign market.

In your view, what are the benefits of setting up in Valais for a company working in the biotechnologies sector?

Businesses specialising in biotechnology are listened to and understood, and will have the opportunity to work in an innovative environment that specialises in this field. They will be constantly supported and surrounded by experts.

Want to find out more? Read the GGBa interview with Juan Martín Cabaleiro, Technical Director of Stämm:

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