Entrepreneurship and innovation at the heart of Valais

Valais has always been a place of entrepreneurship and innovation. The large hydroelectric dams built by the Valais pioneers at the beginning of the 20th century bear witness to this. Since the beginning of the 2000s, Valais has been implementing measures that create the conditions for innovation to flourish and for the canton’s economy to become more diversified. 

As a result, today, Valais is a place with the ideal conditions for you to develop or set up your business. Along with the exceptional lifestyle it provides (nature, easy to get around, etc.), the region also has an infrastructure that fosters innovation and creativity, and it has attractive tax conditions.

The technology park—a source of support for entrepreneurs

The Valais technology park has been growing and evolving since it was established in 2004. It is spread out throughout the region and is located at the heart of the economic ecosystem of Valais. The technology park buildings make it possible for new businesses to be set up, for existing businesses and industries to develop further and for new entrepreneurs to be welcomed. Dotted along the Rhône plain, they form the backbone of innovation in Valais.

Bioark Montey

IdeArk Martigny

Pôle d'innovation BlueArk Entremont

Phyto-Ark Sion-Conthey​


Campus Santé-Spark | Pôle Santé

TechnoArk Sierre​

BioArk Visp​

Valais: the perfect place to live and work

In addition to its exceptional landscapes, Valais also has many other assets, such as an excellent health and education system, great public services and superb infrastructure. The region offers a remarkable array of cultural, sporting and gastronomic activities—all in an unspoilt environment and all within easy reach. With its sunny climate, Valais provides a quality of life that is unrivalled.

« The support of Economic Promotion Valais motivated us to continue to move forward and keep innovating in this very specific environment, enabling us to safeguard the long-term future of our business. »

Valentin Jacquaz