Innovate and do business in Valais!

For more than 30 years, the Canton of Valais has been investing in innovation and support for entrepreneurs. As a result, it has gained a strong reputation in areas such as biotechnology, IT and energy. The Valais technology park is constantly growing. Hardly a day goes by without it welcoming new entrepreneurs who are as innovative as those already established in the park—people at the head of industries and SMEs, all the way from Saint-Gingolph to Ulrichen.

Even more support has been made available thanks to the new Energypolis Campus, which brings together the HES-SO Valais-Wallis, EPFL Valais Wallis and the Ark Foundation on a single site in Sion. This concentration of resources gives rise to a sense of energy, encouraged by the development of strong industry groupings elsewhere in the canton (biotech in Monthey and Visp, IT and healthcare in Martigny, aluminium, healthcare and IT in Sierre, energy and healthcare in Sion, cosmetics in Conthey). It’s also a great chance for entrepreneurs from all fields to grow their businesses.

We aren’t aiming to become ‘Silicon Valais’. Rather, our vision is to grow the economy of Valais in a way that’s balanced and sustainable. One of the ways of making this happen is to give proactive support to entrepreneurs.

Economic Promotion Valais is working to turn this vision into reality, day-by-day. We would be delighted to meet up with you to talk things over and suggest the most appropriate solutions to your needs.

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« Valais now has the right conditions in place for innovation and entrepreneurship to flourish. »

Christophe Darbellay

Head of the Department of Economy and Education
Chair of Economic Promotion Valais

« Innovation is not limited to new technologies. It is for anyone who has ideas and wants to move forward and make things happen. »

Eric Bianco

Head of the Office of Economy, Tourism and Innovation
Managing Director of Economic Promotion Valais