Why did the Audacia Group choose Valais as its base?

The Audacia Group has been operating in Sion for several years now. Company founder Alexandre Bonvin explains what motivated him to set up his company in Valais. His main reasons included the high quality of life the region offers and the fact that he wanted to help develop the local economy by creating jobs. This is a textbook example of the benefits of choosing the right location, with new local jobs thrown into the bargain.

After studying in London and a period of living life in the fast lane, Alexandre Bonvin made the decision to return home to the Canton of Valais. After buying a company that was already established in Valais and moving two other companies to the canton, he founded the Audacia Group and based it in Sion. “As I often say, in Valais, you can enjoy many of the advantages of big cities without the disadvantages, plus it’s the ideal business environment and it offers excellent quality of life. Furthermore, it was easy for me to reconnect with existing contacts and re-establish a network here, which also proved to be an advantage.”


Maximum efficiency with minimum effort
By returning to his roots, Alexandre also discovered another way of life: the Slow Life. In other words, he discovered how to slow the pace to attain a better quality of life – the quality of life you get in Valais. “This doesn’t mean being less effective professionally – it just means that you have to be able to achieve maximum efficiency with minimum effort. It’s also about knowing how to take time for yourself and how to switch off after the working day is done, for example through exercise or by getting out into nature, far from the hustle and bustle of the business world.”

For Alexandre Bonvin, setting up and developing the Audacia Group in Valais was also about enhancing the canton’s attractiveness to businesses. “Without wishing to sound immodest, I am creating and sustaining jobs in Valais, but it’s nevertheless quite difficult to attract and retain top talent because many people are more drawn to larger cities in Switzerland or abroad.” Currently, the Audacia Group has over 50 employees.

Consolidating the group’s presence in Valais
Audacia Group currently has a dynamic, skilled team that is constantly growing. But what is the group’s long-term vision? “To continue to acquire and integrate high-potential companies into the group and to make Audacia a centre of excellence in the fields of technology, e-commerce and digital marketing. At the same time, we will consolidate our presence in the Valais region, as well as our international expansion.”

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Source photo credit : Audacia Group blog

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